I was driving home from work today and the song mountains came on. The verse came that said “High on the mountain, I will be lifting my voice, And in the valley, I will be dancing for joy, In every season, You are worthy, In every moment, You're wonderful” I listened to that and thought for a bit. In every season God is wonderful. A sweet memory that followed were the words “everyday is a good day.” Those were the last words my uncle Chuck had said to me in high school the night before he passed away from cancer. I’ll never forget them. I think about those words so much and I cherish that moment beyond measure. 

I know we all have days that encompass a million different battles or struggles. Life can be hard and struggles are real. Seasons of pain or confusion seem to linger or days where everything seems to go wrong. But on those days where they are hard, I think of these words “every day is a good day.” If someone dying of cancer can praise the Lord on his death bed, then so can I in every moment. In the hard seasons, praise Jesus because His plan to bring you out is mightier than yours. There are so many parallels to this idea that in the fire you’re made stronger. A diamond is made by extreme pressure, the strongest metals are forged in the hottest of fires, and in each battle you’re made stronger. Life can be hard but it can also be good at the same time. Know that God has you exactly where He wants you. He promises to bring you through what he’s brought you to. So, if life’s been hard, take heart! God sees you, He loves you, and He will bring you through. 

And always remember, no matter what, with Jesus, every day is a good day. 

He alone is enough.